Back to basics

I used to be a blogger years ago. I used to be someone in this little corner of the internet. I was known as the depressed moose and my blog was pretty successful. I still have books on Amazon but alas i forgot to renew the old domain and its been bought by a company in the far east.

The depression has gone but the Moose still remains

Having just come out of a long term relationship that did not end well and not as planned I have decided to return to an outlet that has helped me immensely over the years. I have lots of things to talk about and get off my chest. Today 29th November is my 39th birthday so we could enjoy a midlife crisis together or a year of healing from a broken relationship. The truth is right now anything could come out but I promise you this. It will be honest, emotional, heartfelt, raw, funny and interesting.

So Hi my name is Garry or Moose. Welcome along for the ride!

Author: moose

Garry or moose.

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